Mission & Vision


Provide full range of financial services to the economically poor to build better lives.
The main mission of our company to provide Micro Loan to the poor working women in rural & urban areas at minimum rate of interest. So that they can work according their own ability as well as enhance and develop own reputation and living of standard in the society.
• Extend our sphere of influence to the remotest areas including each village, tehsil to extend our services.
• Reach out to people who have no access to banks and with non-banking habits and to educate them about finance and help in shape a financially strong society.
• Promoting entrepreneurial skills, so that they can lead their own business.
• Make financial solutions easily available to the needed poor women.
• To build an institution which is best in class in all aspects: customer service, innovation, work efficiency, work place engagement, leadership and reputation in the society.


To be a world-class (leading) financial services organization that provides financial products to the economically challenged people, helping them generate higher incomes, and achieve a sustainably better standard of living.
To be a world class developer in the society by helping the needed poor person by providing financial services.