Product offered

Digamber Finance offers a range of products and services, which have been developed based on the financial needs of poor. Our products are framed on KPS (Krranti, Pragati,Samrdhi).
The New product will be a loan of Rs. 10,000 for a tenor of 35 weeks, with weekly repayments.  At the end of the cycle of 35 weeks, we plan to upscale the loan amount to Rs 10,000 for existing borrowers, and then on to Rs. 12,000 &14,000 and Rs. 15,000 in subsequence cycles.
We offer top-up loans after 25 weeks into the repayment cycle to the members who have good repayment records.
We have developed suitable products range as we better understand our member’s financial needs.
Digamber products will be offered to members who qualify on the basis of field assessment. The main criteria for field assessment will be the ability of the members to repay the loan through increased income generation. Relationship Officer’s and Branch Managers will perform loan utilization checks regularly.