Shabana Started Retail Shop

Branch: Jodhpur
Member Name: Premi Devi w/o Raees khan
Village: Hanuman nagar

Shabana’s Story

Due to increasing competition in the market and changing needs of the society, it is becoming very difficult to maintain a normal business. people are facing various hardships with their old business and thinking to start a new one by arranging funds from banks and other financial institutions. Well, it is easy to take loans for the people who are livingin the cities and developed nations but those who are living in villages and under developed towns are still facing  problems with lack o banks and financial institutions in their localities. They still do not have enough resources sop that they can maintain a proper and healthy lifestyle. Their financial situations does not allow them to live the life fully and enjoy its every aspects. Yes, India is still facing this financial discrimination on a very large number. but since 1995, when the Digamber Finance have entered into the lives of the villagers, many people have found tremendous changes in their living standards and lifestyles. They are moving towards a better life and are earning well.

Digamber finance is a financial Institution which helps the people of villagers with funds and loans so that they can start up their business and start earning a living. thy provide loans on easy basis with very less of terms and conditions. they really have changed the lives of many people and still working hard on their policies so that they can provide a better help to the society. Their main motive is to help the villagers and to bring a social change and not just an individual change. People of villages never forget to show their gratitude towards Digamber finance and always give heart full of thanks and blessings. one such lady is Shabana Khan.

Shabana khan is the wife of sir Raees khan who lives in the small village of jodhpur named Hanuman nagar. She and her family once used to face a lot of financial crises due to which they were not at all able to live happily. they were no at all satisfied with their lifestyle and used to be very upset in those days. but then Shabana got to know about Digamber finance. In 2016, she took her first loan from Digamber finance of worth Rs.15000. From this loan, she started her business of retail shop from which she earned huge profits and balanced her past financial crises. Later she again took a loan of Rs.30,000 in the year 2017. from this money she expanded her business and made more profits. After this loan, she and her family were living happily and enjoying the basic amenities of life.  She also repaid her past loans on time from her earnings. Her children also started going to school. They are now living a satisfactory life. After she repaid all her past  loans, now she has further taken a loan of rs.50,000 from Digamber finance only. She never forgets to thanks Digamber finance whenever she gets a chance. She also stated that the staff of Digamber finance is also very polite and helpful,

This is just one story, there are many such stories associated with Digamber Finance.