Bhawar Kuwar Started His Dairy Business

Branch: Jodhpur
Member Name: Bhawar Kuwar
Village: Piparli

Bhawar’s Story

Digamber Finance is a microfinance company. A microfinance company is the one which includes activities like provision of the financial services like credit, saving, and insurance to low income individuals with the goal of creating social value. They believe that “change is possible and can happen against all odds.” Completing their goals and achieving their missions, Digamber finance have changed the lives of many individuals and families altogether who are the residents of a small village. This financial institution have helped a lot many people to earn sufficient income by providing them little fund to invest and to expand their business. There is no doubt that due to increasing competition and advancement in the living standards of the society, it is very difficult to maintain a normal and enough lifestyle in a meagre income. Everyday a new demand arises and to fulfil them, money is must and taking loans is the only option which we have. People who live in the cities have access to various banks and financial institutions but there are no resources available for those who are living in villages. It becomes very much difficult for them to arrange funds for their businesses and all. Well, for giving them an ease, a huge applause for DIGAMBER FINANCE. They have changed the life of many people and one such person is Bhawar Kuwar.

Bhawar kuwar and his family once faced a lot many problems due to their increasing financial crises and lack of earnings. Their income was very less and they could not afford a balanced and efficient lifestyle. Bhawar Kuwar took loan from Digamber finance for the first time in the year of 2017 of worth Rs.25,000. from this money he bought a cow and started his dairy business. This  give him an opportunity to earn. He later worked really hard to get success into his business and therefore he and his family are  now living a happy life. After repaying this loan, she further took a loan of rs.50,000 in the year 2019. He and his family never for gets to thank Digamber finance for this huge help and always remain grateful to them. this changed their life in various aspects and also allowed them to live a satisfactory life.

this is just one story. There are many more stories and people who are connected with Digamber finance since years and getting the beneficial results from their services. . Their main motive is to help the villagers and to bring a social change and not just an individual change. People of villages never forget to show their gratitude towards Digamber finance and always give heart full of thanks and blessings.Hence if you are one of those villagers who does not have enough money to start up a new business and looking for an institution who can help you with the starting or investing funds, Digamber Finance is the right place for you. get into their good deals and credit your bank accounts with very simple procedures and conditions.