Member Name: Leela Devi w/o Amarchand
Village: Dilwadi

Bhawar’s Story

There is no doubt to the fact that due to increasing competition in the market, it has become very difficult for almost everyone to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. There is a consistent change in the business environment due to which earning income is also becoming very difficult these days. Therefore, it is quite obvious to look for loans and dents to live a normal life and to get an access to at least basic amenities of the life like food, clothing, and shelter etc. But getting loans is not an easy tasks for some people. People who are living in cities can somehow manage to get the loans since they have sufficient resources such as banks and other financial institutions. But unfortunately, people who are living in the villages are deprived of these resources. They do not get much help from the government also and may be this is the reason behind the increasing poverty of the country. But thanks to Digamber Finance who is helping these villagers to live a better life. Yes, Digamber finance is a financial institution which helps the villagers with various financial resources and also give effective advices top earn more income.

Digamber finance is serving to the society since 1995 and still working really hard to make their policies and plans more effective to bring a change in the society. They have already changed the lives of many people who are living in the villages and have once lost all the hopes from the life. Those people are now living a happy and fruitful life. And one such lady is Leela Devi.

Leela Devi, wife of Mr. Amarchand, is the resident of Village Dilwadi. The whole village is he witness of the tremendous change in her life after taking a small loan from Digamber Finance. Few years back, Leela Devi had taken a loan of Rs.30,000 from Digamber Finance to start her business. She invested this money in the buying of Cow and buffalo so that she can start her ne dairy business. This little start brought up a huge change in her and as well as her family’s life. Ashe and her husband worked really hard into this business and earned huge profits. Her children also started going to school. They are now really living a happy and fulfilling life. In an interview, Leela Devi quoted that she would again like to take a loan from Digamber Finance to increase her business and also stated about the kind and humble staff of Digamber Finance. She also quoted that Digamber finance helped her with the great and beneficial advices from which she really realized huge benefits.

Well this was just one story. There are many stories associated with Digamber finance. People who are related with them never take a step back when it comes to thank them. Leela Devi had shown her heartfelt gratitude towards Digamber Finance. So if you are  looking for a company who can help you with the funds and loans to start up your business, Digamber finance is the right place for you.