IML Loan

Individual Micro Loan:-This is an individual unsecured loan which we give to men and women both for their expansion in business. Generally we offer to small shopkeepers who have some inventories in their shops. Borrower Both Members Min:1 Max:1 Loan Amount Rs:60000-100000 Loan Term 18-30 EMI Interest Rate [P.A] 25% - 30% (Depends on Loan Amount) Processing Fee 2% + GST Insurance Charge Actual

Joint Liability Group Loan

  This type of loan we offer only for women in groups for their Income generating activities. This is a first time relationship loan. The Group size will be minimum 05 and maximum 20 women Borrower Women only Members Min:05 Max:20 Loan Amount Rs:23000-57000 Loam Term 20-30 EMI Interest Rate [P.A] 26.00% - 26.55% (Depends on Loan Amount) Processing Fee 1.0 % + GST Insurance Charge Actual