Archana Devi Started Grocery Shop

Member Name: Archana Devi
Village: Chippa

Archana’s Story


Whether you want to open a new grocery shop or you want to buy your own land, Digamber finance is always there to help the needy ones with it’s best of advice’s and financial help.

In India, there are still various villages and small districts which are underdeveloped and do not have enough resources with them. The people there are unable to maintain a normal lifestyle due to various problems. They still don’t have the financial institutions who can help them to start up a new business or to invest in something to earn a living. They are still helpless and does not have any right to equality when it comes to the resources. But Digamber finance is the ultimate solution to their problems now.

Digamber CapfinLtd (DCL) started operations asan NBFC in 1995 with the mission of providing arange of financial services to the population who are not adequately served by financial institutions. They have helped many people till no wand still working to improve the lifestyles of the people who are not supported by the financial institutions.They believe that each of us has equal right to learn and grow.They are working hard to remove this barrier of lack of resources in some of the are as of the state and to provide enough opportunities to the villagers also.They were the first institution in Rajasth an who provides financial services in to rural areas,our focus was on the remaining 70% of the population who lives

in villages and does not have formal credit access. The main products were vehicle financing, farmer’s credit, and small business loans. As they were expert in rural credit and microfinance is the best way to help them further so after 2009 they change our RBI classification from Asset Finance Company to NBFC-Micro finance Institution.

Digamber Finance have changed the life of many villagers and made them avail the best financial help. One such story is of Archana Devi who is from Chippa village. She used to run a grocery shop in her village. But then she was not able to make enough from that business and therefore decided to expand her business. She did not have the capital for the same and therefore she went to Digamber Finance and took a loan of 29000 rupees in 2018. From this money, she bought more goods for her shop and started it’s business. This helped her a lot not just financially but also ethically. She sent her children to school and got a better Lifestyle. She further took a loan in 2019 of  Rs.50,000. She never Forgets to thank Digamber Finance for their financial help in her every comment. She always shows her gratitude towards them.

This is just one story Digamber finance have changed the lifestyle of many people by providing them small loans and financial advices. They are still working hard to give their clients the best service and support. Many people of different villages show their great fullness for Digamber Finance. They have been proven as the god of the villagers for providing them enough resources and capital to not just start up a business but to step into a new and better life.