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Radha Opened Jewellery Shop

Branch:Hisar Member Name: Radha w/o Surendra Singh Center: Haryana District: Hisar Radha’s Story Whether you want to open a new grocery shop or you want to buy your own land, Digamberfinance is always there to help the needy ones with it's best of advices and financial help. In India, there are still various villages and small districts which are underdeveloped and do not have enough resources with them. The people there are unable to maintain a normal lifestyle due to various problems. They still don't have the financial institutions who can help them to start up a new business or to invest in something

Kamlesh Bai Opened Grocery Shop

Branch:Kota-B Member Name: Kamlesh Bai w/o Damodar Patidar (63.0184.0184.01) Center: RANGBADI = F District: Kota Kamlesh's Story It is the dream of almost everyone to have a better lifestyle, not just good clothes and food but also financially and ethically too. Being in a village, it is usually difficult for the people to maintain such living standard since they don't have much resources. They don't have number if financial institutions like cities who may help them and support them financially to build up a business and to earn a better income. But now, this problem has been solved to an extent due

DCL Cricket Champion Cup 2019

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary year, Digamber Finance organised DCL Cricket Champion Cup 2019 on 13th April 2019 and 14th April 2019 at Mahendragarh, Haryana. Teams from 12 branches participated in the tournament, which included Narnaul, Mahendragarh, Rewari, Charkhi Dadri, Bhiwani, Rohtak, Asandh, Sirsa, Kurukshetra, Kosli, Haridwar & Ponta Sahib. Our teams from 17 different branches from Haryana, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh solicited their gracious presence. Narnaul team won the tournament and Asandh team secured position of first runner up. Mr Om Pal was awarded Man of the Match and Man of the Series.

Strength lies in Unity

Branch: Pratapgarh (A) Member Name: Devli / Ramesh (056.0369.0369.08) Center: 0369. Kanada Akariya Village: Kanada Akariya Tehsil: Pipalkhnoot District: Pratapgarh Devli's Story This member has taken a loan of INR 20,000/- from Digambar Finance. The member has bought 4-5 goats and the number has increased to 8-9. At first, their economical situation was not good, but post taking loan she has started goat walking, which helped them strengthening their finances. Her husband works as a mechanic and now she wants to take more loans and start her own vegetable shop. She is happy that she can payback her loan in easy installments.

Inspiring story of Khushboo

Branch: Chittorgarh Center: Chogavadi Gangasar Member Name: Khushboo / Puran Mal Joshi Khushboo's Story This member has taken a loan of INR 29,000/- from Digambar Finance, for sewing shop. Member has learned sewing and wants to open her own shop. Initially, their financial situation was bad but post taking the loan she has started working and helping in strengthening her financial situation. Her husband works in the mines and she has happily paid her loan in small easy installments.

Pleasing the Quality life

Branch: Banswara Member Name: Mani Bai / Ramesh (085.0124.0124.05) Center: 0124. Antakaliya - A Village: Antakaliya Tehsil: Gandaa District: Banswara Mani' Story This member has taken a loan of INR 25,000/- from Digambar Finances. With the help of this amount, the member has started running a fruit and vegetable shop, with the help of which the member has been able to support her family in a good manner. Formerly, their economical situation was not up to the mark but post taking a loan, they started working on their vegetable shop, where they make a daily profit of average INR 500. This amount is

Loan as Per Need of Client

One of the key benefits resulted from demonetization that we were able to identify the quality of customers not having an instance of single day delay in payment of EMI even after facing tough duration of demonetization. To mitigate the situation of demonetization and to know the actual requirement of customers, ta team of DCL made a market survey. Customers having sufficient amount of loan with less EMI were more regular than customers with the higher amount of EMI. Because less EMI matches with their cash flow, as they need the loan for income generating activities only. After recognizing the situation,

No Overdue Certificate

In order to ensure hassle-free credit to all borrowers, in both rural and semi-urban areas, DCL started the concept of no overdue certificate. On receiving complaints from borrowers in respect of timely updating of their overdue details in credit information companies, due to non-availability of proper documents, DCL started to issue no dues certificate to the borrowers after completion of their loan. That certificate will be infallible proof regarding an overdue position of borrower against the company. An initiative was taken to bring more transparency in a relationship of DCL with customers.

Legal Proceeding against Delinquent Members

Post demonetization, the portfolio quality started deteriorating due to various reasons, mainly because of the challenges faced by non-payment of the EMIs by the customers due to lack of cash in the economy. Although there were some members, not paying their dues in the shadow of the market situation, despite having sufficient means to make payment of the dues. To overcome the situation, a company engaged some dedicated professionals in employment to take action against will full defaulters occurred during the period of demonetization. The recovery process begins with sending the demand notice to delinquent member followed by proceeding in lok

Eco-Technology Savvy NBFC-MFI Award

Eco-Technology Savvy NBFC-MFI Award (2016)– Winner under NBFC-MFI Category from Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister of Railways, Government of India conducted by Chamber of Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME). DCL has been recognized for its excellence in adoption and its move towards new technology. By opening a number of bank accounts of people residing in rural & urban area under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, DCL has joined its hands with Prime Minister's move to incentivize digital transfers/ payments which will offer a strong support to ongoing efforts of GOI in helping the country leapfrog the cash generation


In 2014, DCL disbursed loan to people and helped them to open accounts and in Jan Dhan Yojna the numbers of accounts opened were 2.5 hundred. For a proof picture of the loan, disbursement is taken from every client. With this growth, DCL has also become successful in landing more branches in other places of Rajasthan. Expanding more towards digital disbursement and began new initiative for better tomorrow.


Year by year with continuous success and embarking on the path of development DCL got RBI licensee of NBFC MFI. With this success of approval, they started their operation in Madhya Pradesh in 2013. Branches are increasing and work is increasing that means more to digitization and more growth with more financial stability.