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Eco-Technology Savvy NBFC-MFI Award

Eco-Technology Savvy NBFC-MFI Award (2016)– Winner under NBFC-MFI Category from Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister of Railways, Government of India conducted by Chamber of Indian Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (CIMSME). DCL has been recognized for its excellence in adoption and its move towards new technology. By opening a number of bank accounts of people residing in rural & urban area under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, DCL has joined its hands with Prime Minister's move to incentivize digital transfers/ payments which will offer a strong support to ongoing efforts of GOI in helping the country leapfrog the cash generation


In 2014, DCL disbursed loan to people and helped them to open accounts and in Jan Dhan Yojna the numbers of accounts opened were 2.5 hundred. For a proof picture of the loan, disbursement is taken from every client. With this growth, DCL has also become successful in landing more branches in other places of Rajasthan. Expanding more towards digital disbursement and began new initiative for better tomorrow.


Year by year with continuous success and embarking on the path of development DCL got RBI licensee of NBFC MFI. With this success of approval, they started their operation in Madhya Pradesh in 2013. Branches are increasing and work is increasing that means more to digitization and more growth with more financial stability.


With the continuous efforts and loan, DCL crossed AUM INR 100Mm and hope to continue with more loan disbursement. In 2012 such achievement was received by DCL.


In 2011, Digamber Finance with more knowledge and expanding work realized the importance of financing for small-landowners. Micro-financing is one initiative from the minds of creators of Digamber Finance which will lead to serving of sole service, “One service for all.”


In 2010, Awards are the recognition of work in progress and for their excellence, DCL received “Award of Excellence” by SBI in 2010. DCL supported the 2014-2015 summits of Mifos in immeasurable ways and eradicating all the problems that came in the way of the summit.

SBI Excellence Awards-2010

The company was given Certificate of Excellence (SBI Excellence Awards-2010) by SBI on 10th July 2010 for their outstanding contribution in supporting JLGs in association with SBI.


In 2009, DCL with complete research & development, analysis, and survey started new policies for micro-financing which were adopted by companies of Philippines and Kenya later. DCL bridged the gap in rural areas with micro-financing and created the centralized landing sensing hub for the society. Along with that, they have crossed AUM of INR 50Mm and that is one another milestone for DCL.


In 2008, DCL raised the first debt from Public Service Undertakings bringing and opening new doors for the people who want to own their business and earn a basic earning for their livelihood.