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Code Of  Conduct

We follow the Fair Practices Code of Reserve Bank of India as well as the joint Code of Conduct developed by industry associations MFIN (Microfinance Institutions Network) and Sa-Dhan (The Association of Community Development Finance Institutions). These codes ensure the principles of fairness, reliability, transparency and self-discipline.

1. All our dealings with customers will be open, fair and ethical
2. We will treat all our customers with respect
3. We shall explain to our customers in a clear & understandable manner

• All the features, benefits, terms and conditions of our services
• Pricing of our services including all fees, charges and interest rate on an annual declining basis
• All documents required to be submitted with application which should also be listed in application form
• Acknowledgement of receipt of loan application and process timelines

4. We will make our best efforts to ensure that the loans we provide are within the customer’s capacity to repay and avoid customer over-indebtedness
5. We will provide customers with a complaint resolution system to register their complaints and resolve it in a timely & fair manner
6. We will not follow coercive collection practices –

• Refrain from collecting from customers at odd hours and during bereavement or sickness
• Avoid rude or aggressive behavior and using muscle power during collection
• Provide valid acknowledgement or receipt for all payments received

7. We will respect our customers’ privacy and will treat customer information as private and confidential
8. We will ensure that changes in interest rates/ charges are in effect only for future loans. Changes in rates/ charges will not affect existing loans
9. We will ensure that the rates of interest & charges are in accordance with Reserve Bank of India guidelines


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