Draupadi bai started a new business of vegetable selling

Branch: Ramganj
Member Name: DRAUPADI BAI w/o Ashok Kumar
Village: Ramganj

Draupadi’s Story

India is a country where you will find people of every caste, religion and race. But these are not the only categories where you can find the differences. The main and the foremost category is the social class of the people who live here. You will find people here who are living and bungalows and also who are just spending their n8ghts on streets. Due to the increasing demands of the society and the advancement in the living standards, the competition in the market is increasing on a large scale. People who are residing in developed cities are able to manage the funds by taking loans from banks but those who ae living in the villages are facing huge problems since there are still no banks and other financial institutions. But this a matter of huge pleasure that due to the presence of DIGAMBER FINANCE, many people in the villages have developed their living standard. Digamber Finance is a financial institution who is working since past many years for he betterment of the villagers by lending them loans and funds to start up their own business and to set a medium to earn profit. There is no doubt that Digamber finance is just like the god to those villagers who have no resources and are even not supported by the government to earn a sufficient living. Every year many farmers die but due to the help of Digamber Finance, even the families of farmers are living happily and a satisfactory life. Digamber Finance has changed the lives of many people. And one such lady is DRAUPADI BAI.

Draupadi Bai is the wife of Ashok Kumar and lives in a small village named Ramganj. Earlier Draupadi Bai and her family were facing various problems due to financial crises but no they are living a happy life and Draupadi Bai always thanks to Digamber Finance for this change. She took a loan of Rs.40,000 from Digamber Finance and started a new business of vegetable selling. This business gave her a way to earn an income and slowly by her hard work she even increased her profit margin. She repaid this loan back to Digamber Finance and again took a loan of Rs.50,000. She quoted that her business is running successfully now and her family is also living a happy life. She said that after starting her new business their living standard has become much better and even her children has started to go to the school. She never forgets to show her gratitude towards Digamber Finance and also stats that their staff is also very polite and helpful.

Well, this is just one story. Digamber finance has changed the life o many people and still working hard on their policies to provide an ease to the village people who’re still facing hardships in their lives due o the financial crises. So if you are a villager and looking for a financial help, visit the office of Digamber Finance today and give an end to all your problems.