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Regional Manager

I have been working with Digamber Finance for the last 5 years and having such a wonderful opportunity being in the company made my years to pass through with social understanding and digital learning. Being part of the Digamber family gave me stability, subtleness in life with growing knowledge. An entertaining and healthy environment with the helpful and supportive staff made my work advance more.


Regional Manager

Started my career from a field officer and now I am a proud regional officer of Ratangarh. The best place with an innovative digital process of working that separates from other companies and management supports and seniors bring the path of developments. Working with DCL brought new vision in life and gave me an opportunity of learning new i.e. digital learning. A motivational place to work for.


Regional Manager

First I started working as a Field Officer and now I can proudly say while working with DCL I am a Regional Head of Jodhpur. It’s been 8 years and I still feel the vibe of new and advancement everywhere. DCL with no doubt is already at a height of supporting the society with new thoughts of development. With continuous efforts of the management and team, new ventures are started and developing the power of independence.


Audit Head

My work is to examine and look after the projects going on the field, is perfect and at DCL things are very fluent and easy to learn with the increasing pace. Our whole management teams are so warm to welcome the new ideas and with their support and motivation has brought the new day and new way of thinking in everyone’s life. With the app support, things have made a lot easier for people in rural areas.