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The philosophy behind continuous development is dependent on the satisfaction of the customers and at DCL we are very much concerned with this.


“Our motto is to empowering the no credit access poor with financial support at reasonable cost and in a transparent manner with the help of technology and aim to achieve acceptable returns on our investments.”

People need access to financial systems, including credit and all the opportunity credit brings. Within those systems, they need choices, so they can do what they want to do, what they need to do, and what they should do with their money. Finally, we want more people everywhere to be in control of their finances, as active participants in their own financial lives — whether they are budgeting, saving, investing, or learning.

Culture And Values

We have a very healthy organisation culture- an environment where one is encouraged to question, learn and to grow whether it for customer or any others.

Customer Life

We at DCL seek to provide customers with opportunities for a ‘better standard life’ and so we always put their needs on top and strive to do what is in their best interest.


DCL’s by being loyal to our customers, employees, promoters and most importantly to ourselves.

Adhere With Laws And Regulations

We operate business fairly, honestly and with all relevant laws and regulations with customer, promoters, and employees.

Transparency Of Information

We are open, fair, straightforward in our interactions with our customers and promoters by providing appropriate information at any time. Simultaneously we respect our business information confidentiality and exercise discretion when sharing information with others.

Employee Engagement /Friendly

We respect the dignity of all employees and their views, work and we also respect employee’s relationship which is built on mutual cooperation with us. We always work together to achieve our highest potential by being creative with work, proactive and enthusiastic at every time and also make sure that teamwork achieves better results than that of an individual.


All our customers and employees whether they are from any region, religion, caste, and same relation with our existing customers, employees or any other, everybody are equal in the eyes of DCL. It encourages diversity and freedom of choice, though, and expression for its employees and customers.

“MFI” words usually stands for Micro Finance Institution but for us is every single word is stand for”


Microfinance Skilled Staff

At the beginning of microfinance vertical typically all recruitment at DCL was experienced staff of different Big MFIs.

But due to our own lending methodology, we cannot sustain them.

We start capacity building in amateur new fellows.

We conduct training which includes classroom and field training.

We appreciate hard workers and result-oriented staff for top levels.


Funds Forever

If you decided that you want to help poor uninterrupted then also you have to plan uninterrupted fund flows

From the day first you have to plan for capital and debt.


Infrastructure Infinity

DCL pay lots of concentration to develop infrastructure
Handling of a large portfolio is not possible without infrastructure.

Infrastructure develops a professional environment for work. All branches are well equipment and avoid manual works

For Microfinance purpose DCL robust MIS application called “FINFLUX”. It is world class web based and Mobile App advanced application which is running successfully in the different parts of the world.

For HR purpose a web based solution from “ZING HRl” by which you can also track the movements of Staff in a field.