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Know More About Digamber Finance

Digamber Capfin Ltd (DCL) started operations as an NBFC in 1995 with the mission of providing a range of financial services to the population who are not adequately served by financial institutions. We were the first institution in Rajasthan who provides financial services into rural areas, our focus was on the remaining 70% of the population who lives in villages and does not have formal credit access. The main products were vehicle financing, farmer’s credit, and small business loans. As we were expert in rural credit and microfinance is the best way to help them further so after 2009 we change our RBI classification from Asset Finance Company to NBFC- Microfinance Institution.

Today, DCL offers a diverse range of loan products to cater to the specific requirements of our customers. Our products can be classified into four categories, viz; Microfinance, Trade Finance, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Finance. MFI loans follow the Grameen model of lending which is a Joint-Liability Group (JLG) lending model mainly focuses on a woman through a credit product that allows her to start a new business or enhance her existing business as well. DCL provides prompt, convenient and affordable collateral-free credit to people at the bottom of the pyramid through a strong credit assessment and centralized approval, depending on the end use, these broad categories of products can be further sub-divided into agricultural, education, home improvement, and livestock loans. Trader finance is secured and unsecured higher ticket size loan products which are available for both existing and open market customers.

DCL has adopted an integrated approach to lending which combines a high customer touch-point typical of microfinance, with the technology infrastructure and related back-end support functions similar to that of a retail bank. This integrated approach has enabled it to manage increasing business volumes and optimize overall efficiencies.

DCL is committed to being a socially responsible organization with a focus on Health, Education, Financial Literacy, Gender Equality, and Swachh Bharat Mission. The Company is spreading social awareness messages in its area of operations. We are first in the industry doing 100% digital disbursements since 2014, with our continued efforts more than 2,20,000 bank accounts have been opened by our customers under PMJDY across India.

We believe that our employee is our connector between institutions and poor, without him we cannot fulfill their needs and dreams. Our training and continue personality development programme will train them to become themselves as a pioneer in the industry that is the reason DCL is the best workplace to work.

Presently, DCL’s operations are spread across 8 states and 81 districts across India. We serve over Two lakh Fifty thousand
Families through 147 branches with employee strength of 1327. As on March ’21, our Gross own Loan Book stands at Rs 746.78 crore making us one of the leading providers of Microfinance in Rajasthan.

DCL will be a hope of a poor to become his dreams come true as the enthusiasm shown in our tagline “Small loan big dreams”.

Our Presence

  •  Haryana
  •  Himachal Pradesh
  •  Punjab
  •  Rajasthan
  •  Uttrakhand
  •  Madhya pradesh
  •  Uttar Pradesh

Madhya pradesh

No. of Branches 24
Total Portfolio 94.45


No. of Branches 24
Total Portfolio 148.60


No. of Branches 14
Total Portfolio 56.41


No. of Branches 73
Total Portfolio 394.57


No. of Branches 3
Total Portfolio 12.15

Himachal Pradesh

No. of Branches 2
Total Portfolio 8.38

Uttar Pradesh

No. of Branches 6
Total Portfolio 29.87