Pleasing the Quality life

Branch: Banswara
Member Name: Mani Bai / Ramesh (085.0124.0124.05)
Center: 0124. Antakaliya – A
Village: Antakaliya
Tehsil: Gandaa
District: Banswara

Mani’ Story
This member has taken a loan of INR 25,000/- from Digambar Finances. With the help of this amount, the member has started running a fruit and vegetable shop, with the help of which the member has been able to support her family in a good manner. Formerly, their economical situation was not up to the mark but post taking a loan, they started working on their vegetable shop, where they make a daily profit of average INR 500. This amount is very helpful in their household and is a source of happiness. Now the member wants to take another loan from Digambar Finance so that they can expand their business, which is located in Banswara. They are happy customer and pay thanks to Digambar Finances that they can repay their loan in easy installments.