Premi Devi opened bangles shop

Branch: Pushkar
Member Name: Premi Devi
Center: Pushkar

Premi Devi’s Story

In this changing era where every thing is just changing everyday, it is becoming very difficult to maintain a consistency in work life. The market competition is increasing day by day and this has led to a scenario where poor people  are becoming more poor and rich people  are becoming more rich. It is becoming very difficult for some people to maintain a normal and satisfactory lifestyle. There is an advantage to the people who are living in the cities. They have various resources which thy can use to develop a good lifestyle. But people who are living in the villages are facing this disadvantage of lack of resources. Due to the increasing population in the villages, the demands of the people are also increasing but it is the bitter truth that the resources are very much scarce there. People do not have a mode of earning since on the initial stage they do not have funds to start up a business. Well for such villagers Digamber Finance is providing a huge help.Whether you want to open  grocery shop or you just want to buy a cow for opening a dairy farm, Digamber Finance is always ready to help you with the funds without much delay and conditions.

Since 1995 till now, Digamber Finance is providing financial help to the people of villages so that they can live a better and satisfactory life. They have a wide range of financial services which does not only help their clients but also bring a change in the society as a whole. They are actually working great by bringing a social change in the country. Each of their client has been satisfied with their services and always thank Digamber Finance whenever get a chance. They have changed the lives of many people and still trying hard to create an impact on the lives of the people of villages. There are various stories which depicts their work and one such story is of Premi Devi.

Premi Devi is the resident of Pushkar village. The whole village has been a witness of the changing lifestyle of Premi Devi and her family. Earlier she and her family used to face a lot of problems and hardships due to the unemployment. They have faced serious financial crises due to this. But then Premi decided got to know about Digamber finance and she decided to take a loan from them. After taking the loan she opened up her own shop of bangles which further increased her profits. She soon repaid the loan back and further decided to take another loan from them to increase her business. Therefore she again took a loan from them and filled her shop with more goods and products. This small help from Digamber finance has changed the life of Premi Devi and her family.

This is just an instance, Digamber Finance have more such success stories which are just commendable. They are really working well to bring this social change in the society.