New Initiatives

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New Initiatives


Micro finance is one aspect of banking the unbanked segments of society. It is as mportant, as finance is pivotal for social as well as economic development of the poor populace. The great tragedy lies in the fact that sometimes even though there are certain financial services, to meet the needs of these low-income group people, these people remain unaware about the due to illiteracy or other reasons. Thus, lack of awareness also leads to the financial exclusion.

DCL is an institution, established 23 years ago and focusing only on microfinance business since 2009. Due to focus only on its core business i.e. microfinance, DCL has built its outreach in various rural & semi rural areas. Keeping in the view above requirement, DCL has taken an initiative by way of designing products, specially based on requirement of lower income group.

Details are as follows:



Financial Inclusion (FI) is generally defined in terms of financial exclusion. Majority of the population belongs to lower income group. But the facilities which can be availed be it financial services or any other services generally targets the few rich people. Thereby the low-income group gets neglected. This is the kind of exclusion which needs to be highlighted by favouring the concept of Financial Inclusion.


DCL has designed a unique kind of product for lower income group “Instant loan”. Customer will be able to avail loan in just few minutes upto Rs 10000/- by aadhar based E-KYC verification. Creditworthiness can be assessed instantly through using credit bureau applications available on mobile phones.The product is meant for rural & semi-urban areas, to meet emergency requirements of customers, repayable in various installments.