Savita start up a Dairy

Member Name: Savita w/o Sunil
Center: Haryana

Savita’s Story

Are you a villager and want a normal life just like the people having in the cities? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to start up a business and have no financial resources?

Give an end to your questions and confusions and visit Digamber Finance today.

In India, there are still various villages and small districts which are underdeveloped and do not have enough resources with them. The people there are unable to maintain a normal lifestyle due to various problems. They still don’t have the financial institutions who can help them to start up a new business or to invest in something to earn a living. They are still helpless and does not have any right to equality when it comes to the resources. But Digamber finance is the ultimate solution to their problems now.

Digamber Finance have helped many people in various villages. They have changed the lifestyles of various people. One such person is Savita.

Savita is from the village Mahendragarh, Haryana. She was earlier a house wife and did not use to earn money. She and her family used to face a lot of financial problems since the income of her husband wasn’t enough to maintain a normal life of a big family. So she decided to purchase a buffalo and start up a dairy business. But she didn’t have enough money for that. So she decided to get a loan from Digamber Finance. She took a loan of RS.30000 from Digamber Finance in the year 2018. She also stated that the staff of Digamber Finance is very kind and humble. She never forgets to thank Digamber Finance for this help. Savita and her family are now living a good life and her income is also been increased. She always show her gratefulness for Digamber Finance.

This is just one story. Digamber Finance has helped many people to change their life and earn a more living by providing them enough funds for that and that too very easily.