Strength lies in Unity

Branch: Pratapgarh (A)
Member Name: Devli / Ramesh (056.0369.0369.08)
Center: 0369. Kanada Akariya
Village: Kanada Akariya
Tehsil: Pipalkhnoot
District: Pratapgarh

Devli’s Story
This member has taken a loan of INR 20,000/- from Digambar Finance. The member has bought 4-5 goats and the number has increased to 8-9. At first, their economical situation was not good, but post taking loan she has started goat walking, which helped them strengthening their finances. Her husband works as a mechanic and now she wants to take more loans and start her own vegetable shop. She is happy that she can payback her loan in easy installments.