Sujhata Opened Purses And Bangles Shop

Branch: Jamaalpur
Member Name: Sujhata w/o Susheel Kumar
Center: Haryana

Sujhata’s Story

With the increasing competition in the market and changing lifestyles of people, the social and economical gap is also increasing. This further leads to increase in the inequality among the society. People who live in the developed cities do have various resources to manage and to cope up with the changing environment of the economical state of the country. But people who live in the villages still does not have enough and proper resources to manage a normal lifestyle for themselves. They are still lacking behind whether it is a case if earnings or education. They still don’t have financial institutions who can help them to maintain their normal earnings and lifestyle. But now, since Digamber Finance is there with them, they are living a better life than earlier.

DigamberFinance has changed the lives if many villagers. One of them is Sujhata and her family. Sujhata is the wife of Susheel Kumar and is from the village jamaalpur of Harayana. She used to run a beauty parlor which couldn’t give her enough income to live a normal lifestyle. She further decided to expand her business by adding more goods into it. And for that she approached Digamber Finance. She took a loan of RS. 35000 in year 2019 and bought ladies purses and Bangles. This helped her to expand her business which in turn increased her profit margin by 30-40 percent per month. This enabled her to send her children to good school for further education and also increase her reputation in the village. Due to this, her customers who earlier used to leave empty handed, now buy good quality products and go out with enough satisfaction. Sujhata never fails to show her thankfulness for Digamber Finance andalways praise their staff too. She also quoted that the staff of Digamber Finance are really professional and humble.

This is just one story. Digamber Finance has changed the life the of many people.