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All the new staff is provided a classroom training and On-The-Job Training, where the new colleague familiarizes him/herself with the senior, clients, about products and services, methodologies, monitoring tools and the management information system of the company.
DCL emphasizes the training and development of all staff and invests a substantial amount of time and resources on it.
Digamber is committed to total professionalism and having a trained work force is a key requirement to achieve our goal of nurturing the full potential of human resources. Our training programs are based and designed which touch our organization mission and cultural values.
• In training duration we try to develop Communication Skills, Teamwork, Leadership Skills, Time Management, Professionalism, Personality Development and Confidence in new joiner so that they can execute/conduct their role in a smooth and professional manner.
• We also organized career development programme for existing staff to continuously upgrade /polish their skills and knowledge.
• We try to build a pool of best employee in the organization so that they become future leader.
• Our whole training is depends on to develop behavioral aspects of all new joiners.
• We also try to establish good interpersonal relationship within the staff, as well as with the customers.

Induction/ Orientation Training
Under this program the HR Department introduces new employees with all departments, colleague and superior and also guide about job description and responsibilities.
Functional Training
All new employees first undergo Class-Room Training to become familiar with colleague, superior and company working pattern. We also conduct operational training for new employees.

Secondly we introduce On-the-Job Training to the field employees to interact with customers.
So that they can get proper knowledge of company working process and actual field problems which could be arise in the future.

काशीपुर में दिगंबर कैपफिन लि का शाखा कार्यालय (Branch Office) प्रारम्भ हुआ।

उत्तराखंड के काशीपुर में दिगंबर कैपफिन लि का शाखा कार्यालय (Branch Office) दिनांक 13 फरवरी 2021 को प्रारम्भ हुआ। अन्य सभी शाखाओं की तरह काशीपुर शाखा में भी माइक्रो फ़ाइनेंस सेवाओं से संबन्धित सभी सुविधाएं

गजरोला कस्बे में दिगंबर कैपफिन लि का शाखा कार्यालय प्रारम्भ हुआ

उत्तर प्रदेश के अमरोहा जिले में पड़ने वाले गजरोला कस्बे में दिगंबर कैपफिन लि का शाखा कार्यालय (Branch Office) दिनांक 11 फरवरी 2021 को प्रारम्भ हुआ। अन्य सभी शाखाओं की तरह गजरोला शाखा में भी

दिगम्बर कैपफिन लिमिटेड CSR Activity

दिगम्बर कैपफिन लिमिटेड CSR Activity उत्तराखंड के लोली पंचायत के प्राथमिक पाठशाला के पचास विधार्थीयों व दो अध्यापकों के लिए टेबल और कुर्सी व दो कम्प्युटर सेट और ब्लैक बोर्ड CSR Activity के तहत शिक्षा

इस दिवाली से हर दिवाली, मेड इन इंडिया वाली | A Digamber Finance Initiative

ये लोग ईमानदार हैं। ये लोग मेहनती हैं। छोटे ही सही मगर, सपने ये भी देखते हैं। इन्हे स्वावलंबी बनना हैं। आइये मिलकर सब शपथ लें... इस दिवाली से अब हर दिवाली "मेड इन इंडिया

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