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Area Survey

Our aim is to provide a microloan to the needful, only female member. To accomplish our aim, we first of all conduct area survey in identified areas. Before finalizing a particular area we evaluate that area on some positive and negative parameter.

Projection Meeting

After finalizing a specific area, our Relationship Officer conducts some meeting with female members. In these projection meeting, he describes company mission, vision and he also provides all information about loan products.

KYC Collection

All female member who is agreed to take a loan, a Relation Officer tell them about required document lists e.g. Proof of Residence, Proof of Identity, and Proof of Ownership.

KYC Screening

After taking the KYC a Branch Manager and HUB Department cross verify all the documents.

Group Formation

After taking the KYC a Branch Manager and HUB Department cross verify all the documents.

House Visiting

A Relationship Officer/Branch Manager conduct a randomly House Visit to identify their loan requirement, document verification, background check etc.

Credit Evaluation (Credit Bureau Check)

We also check customer’s credit history by using High Mark Process. This is also an important step to filter our fake customers.

CGT (Compulsory Group Training)

Our Relationship Officer conducts continuously 3 days training session to the members about the given Loan Product.

GRT (Group Recognition Test)

We also conduct member’s training by our HUB Department. Our HUB Officer /GRT Officer cross check the female members’ given information and also check the offered product knowledge which is given by our Relation Officer.

Loan Sanction

After clearing all above process our HUB Department sanction loan amounts.

Loan Disbursement

A HUB Officer/GRT Officer disburse sanction loan to each female member by capturing a photo with having a company background banner or any other evidence. HUB Officer/GRT Officer also take an oath of Group Social Responsibility from all members.

Delinquency Management

We have a separate process to recover the all due amount. Our special team is dedicated towards delinquency management.

Center Meetings (Collection)

A Relationship Officer conducts a mandatory weekly meeting. During these meetings, the Relationship Officer functions are:

  • Collection of repayments.
  • Update passbook book of individual members
  • Relationship Officer also provides a receipt to the Center Leader in lieu of weekly payment.
  • Communication of Digamber Finance developments/changes.
  • Discussion of social/community issues.